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Tasty Temptations :Macro Mishandling

Dieting Psychology
Last night I went out for dinner with friends , I ordered as per my macros. What I ordered was a grilled chicken platter. It had everything as required except the coleslaw and buttered bread. However these are the perfect combination to the platter but were left untouched by me. Suddenly heard a friend “ yeh kyun waste kiya subse kaam ka toh yehi hai , give it me . I proudly passed it on and thought “When will we stop considering our stomach as dustbin.”

Ways to stay within your macros even if eating out - Stick to your plate / dubbas : often seen that we tend to peek and start tasting in each other’s plate . Result macros mishandled - Say NO: Tell the steward what you don’t want in the plate beforehand so no wastage. (I should have done that) - Please pack the food: This social pressure is powerful. Research published last year showed the guilt of leaving food is less powerful than the perceived shame in asking to pack the leftovers when we dine with others.I recommend to get this packed and give these to poor while back home. - Don’t ban your favourite foods: Eating patterns that are too restrictive may drive you to binge. The key to a sustainable, healthy diet is to concentrate on eating whole, unprocessed foods most of the time, while allowing yourself a treat here and there within the macros. #stopovereating #tastytemptation #withinmacros #bingeeating #cheatmeal#squats @shivanijotwani #fittr #fittrforher #fittrwithshivani
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