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Often I have seen many people expecting faster results with some wrong approaches. Why ??? They just need quick results. How can I lose 6kgs in 10 days? (Just because I have my brother's wedding in next 10 days.) How can I gain some serious 5kg muscle mass in a month? ( I want my biceps to look tighter since I want to attend a party ) If you look carefully, these are some wrong approaches which cannot be successful no matter what you do. Let's understand, If you look at the infographics, There are two snails doing everything same, the only difference is one snail is super fast and one is comparatively slower. Let's talk about 'The super fast snail' 🐌🚀 1. She wishes for some fast results. 2. She's getting good results but restricting herself so much in terms of nutrition, ultimately failed to sustain and gained more than where she started. 3. Just planning for a short term goal without making it a lifestyle. 4. Current condition - Initially she was 35 grams, lost weight with all wrong approaches and became 30 grams and now gained back to 37 grams. ( Gained more than where she started. ) Here's about 'The normal snail'. 🐌 1. This snail knows taking small and manageable steps will only make her lose fat successfully. 2. She's enjoying her plan because she's loving what she's eating without any restrictions and tracking smartly. 3. Because of her eating habits she has made it a lifestyle so focusing on long term goals. 4. Current condition - She's super fit and getting stronger day by day in all aspects of fitness. So the bottom line is, be like 'The normal snail'. Take small and manageable steps, have patience and proceed towards long term goals. So which kind of snail you are? 🐌 🤓

Shweta Chouhan

2 months back... fast snail category m thi or ab normal snail... and m really enjoying it ❤

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