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Fitness Myths
Ohh you aren't sweating enough, this workout session was a waste.

You are not sweating, No fat loss happening !!! How many of you have listened to these kinda statements? What is the case of sweating? Is it really the guy with the wet Tshirt putting in the maximum effort? Let's find out So the myth basically started from some famous popular quotes like 'Sweating is FAT crying' and people watching actors in movies and bodybuilders sweating like crazy. What is sweating? Sweating is basically the body's response to regulate temperature. So whenever our temperature rises our body tries to cool itself by sweating. It's a biological mechanism to keep the body cool. Sweating is not related to how much calories we have burned. So if we are sweating more doesn't mean we are burning more calories. So the confusion is there are people who sweat a lot and there are some who sweat really less. So If you are sweating less there can be a few reasons. 🔹 Sweat glands - so our body has sweat glands, some people have more, some have less. So people with more sweat glands tend to sweat more in comparison to people who have less. You must have seen people who will just walk for a few minutes and look like somebody just poured a bucket full of water on them and on the other hand there are few who will do a crazy workout and won't sweat much. Well, I'm one of them. 🔹 Water intake - If you are sweating less, chances are you are not well hydrated. 🔹 Conditioned athletes - If someone is a conditioned athlete, he/she will take more time to raise the core temperature compared to any other normal athlete and therefore will take a longer time to sweat. But hey my weight got down after a cardio session, didn't I lost fat? So yeah people do check their weight post-workout and they generally get down by a few 100 gms so they lost fat, right? Well, I'm sorry, But NO. This doesn't mean you have lost fat, but you have lost fluid while working out. So overall fat loss will always depend on constantly being on a deficit with regular training and rest. Any queries drop down below :)

Sumit Anand

I strength train almost 5-6 days a week But when i do intensive cardio I feel drop of almost 1 kg after tht 🤔 .... soo it just water

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