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Sweat is fat crying?

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I mean we know how carbs and fats are metabolised into water, heat and co2, it’s easy to wonder where does all the water go right? Co2 is expelled through normal respiration. But what about water?

Is sweat fat crying? Would working out in a hot environment promote fat loss? Should you do exercises that make you sweat more? Umm, no! This is where you stop with the nonsense and grab a textbook! Let’s start with the basics first and then we will build on top of that! Your body is 55-65% water. Blood is 92% water. Your body temperature is 37 degree Celsius. At any point, the equilibrium is maintained so strictly that even a small drop in water levels can cause dehydration in short time and death in slightly prolonged time. Water maintains the core body temperature. The core body temperature is extremely critical and needs to be maintained at all times! The homeostasis is maintained by two simple processes- sweating and shivering When the external temperature starts dropping, your body starts shivering, generating heat while trying to maintain the core temperature. If you stay in cold for long, you get hypothermia! Prolonged exposure can lead to death! When the external temperature starts rising, body starts sweating which is water+ electrolytes. Remember that electrolytes are critical to water storage in your body and hormones like ADH and aldosterone come into play here. This whole process is completely independent from metabolism of substrates which happens simultaneously. Both carbs and fats release water and co2 and so it’s outlandish to think that fat turns into sweat! The water that’s generated through metabolism of substrates is called metabolic water and can be used by body for other metabolic processes! If your body is dehydrated, the water might not even get expelled and absorbed back into your cells. When you drink regular water, it gets absorbed in your body too just like the metabolic water. At this point, your body can’t difference between the water that was released during metabolism or the water that you drank. Furthermore, unless your body feels the need to expel water to maintain homeostasis, you won’t sweat. Additional water can always be expelled via urine. Some people sweat a lot Some people don’t sweat at all Doesn’t mean that the former will lose more fat and the later won’t! Like I said fat loss has got nothing to do with sweating! We’ve also learnt that fat loss might not necessarily be significant during workouts but the bulk of it happens when you’re resting! Depending on your RQ changes throughout the day based on your training and on the extent of your deficit! So folks! Long story short Sweating it out won’t do you any good! If you still love drenching in sweat, by all means, workout in a sweatshirt or with AC off, but do spend some extra bucks on a good deodorant before you lose it completely! Cheers

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hilarious ending 🤣

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