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Sustainable fat loss

Tips for sustainable weight loss

============================ There are many times people do lose good of weight but gain all the weight back and sometimes even more. But if you follow these following tips then its highly unlikely to happen with you - 1. Work on habits - Because some of your bad habits, you might be gaining weight that can be anything ranging from drinking alcohol or not moving at all, you need to work on them and build some good habits. 2. Improve lifestyle - Almost 70 percent of the chronic diseases in human is a result of bad lifestyle. Along with following a structured diet improve your lifestyle also which can involve - fixed sleeping hours, drinking more water etc. 3. Don't look for shortcuts- Often we get tempted to go for a shortcut i.e following a crash diet, from which you should stay away. To know more about it read-https://m.facebook.com/groups/823848317674482?view=permalink&id=2261621053897194 4. Exercise - We often gets to hear that can I reduce weight without exercise just following the diet and the answer is yes but will you be able to maintain it - probably not. Our bodies are meant to move, involve in any kind of physical activity often to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 5. Give yourself time - Its good you put a time frame to achieve a goal but too much emphasis on time can lead to disappointment and also slower you shred those extra pounds, there are high chances of maintaining it. So give yourself enough time and keep realistic goals. All the best !!!

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