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Dieting Psychology
What do we mean when we keep suggesting go for the diet which is sustainable?

Sustainability in diet is very important, not only in the sense that you follow the diet for longer duration but also that you do not keep switching the diet and fall off the wagon just because you found that particular diet strategy is something you are unable to follow because of your lifestyle, eating pattern or what so ever the reason may be. Like for example, ketogenic diet is really famous these days but how many of us can completely cut off carbs from our daily life, I am definitely not the one and even if we do how longer do you think you will be able to sustain this. Many people end up losing weight following these protocols by reducing their calorie intake, but can’t wait until the diet is “over” so that they can go back to eating “normal”. Losing weight is no rocket science 7 out of 10 people successfully lose it but sustaining it is the question. As weight is lost metabolic rate decreases disproportionately to calories and fat loss. Both fat mass and lean body mass are lost. Post diet, weight is rapidly regained as calories rapidly increase due to disproportionately high hunger and low metabolic rate. So, first thing we all need to understand is get out of this cycle of rapid weight loss, then gain and again loss because trust me you are doing more harm to yourself than any good. If your diet strategy is not sustainable you will only end up gaining double of what you have lost along with other damages and losing for the second time is even more difficult because of metabolic adaptation, alteration of your hormones including leptin, insulin, ghrelin and increased hunger. So no matter what diet you follow keto, low carbs, zoned or low fat make sure it is sustainable for your lifestyle and comfort. Most important do not repeat the cycle of loss, gain and again loss but rather something which you can maintain as a lifestyle.
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