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Supplements: Whey Protein

Random guy/girl: Sir whey protien lene se jaldi patle ho jayenge kya?

Me: Whey protein is just to complete your daily protein need of the body! Random guy/girl: But sir whey protein lene se hum mar thodi jate h? (side effects) Me: Whey protein is just a by-product of natural foods (milk, soy, pea, etc.). It doesn’t have any side effects. Random guy/girl: Usse kya matlab, jab body jaldi nhi ban rahi toh kya fayda leke!! Me: Kon bola lene. Eat chicken, eggs, paneer, soya bean in appropriate quantity. Whey protein is one of the most widely used supplements which helps you to complete your daily protein need. It is derived from natural food items like milk, peas, soya etc. It’s completely safe to supplement without any side effects unless the user has a pre-existing renal disorder. Myths on Whey Protien ================== > Harmful for health ❌ > Kidney / Liver damage ❌ > Contains steroid ❌ Stop saying shit about supplements if you don't know anything! Rest of the details are in the post above 👆👆 Hope you like it! Got Questions? Comment below!👇👇 Yash Kaushik Faculty, INFS Nutrition Consultant, SQUATS

Mohamed Rabiyudeen

Hi , having whey protein after workout causes hair loss ?

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