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Supplements: Casein

Casein protein is the brother of whey protein but unlike whey protein, it is a ‘slow’ digesting protein. And it is perfectly safe to use.

Myth about Casein ============== > Kidney/Liver damage ❌ > Contains steroids ❌ > Unnatural protein ❌ > Special type of protein ❌ Truth ==== It is just another form of milk protein which has slow digetion proterties and is completely safe to use. Rest of the details are in the post above 👆👆 Hope you like it! Got Questions? Comment below! And tag your supplement freak buddies👇👇 Yash Kaushik Nutrition Consultant @ SQUATS Faculty, INFS

Amjad khan

why take casein? is there any additional benefit over whey or it has some other benefits in maintaining your macros??

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