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Supplement Series - Glucosamine

INFS Faculty Arpit Kushwaha discusses Glucosamine supplements this week.

Anyone who is concerned about his joints’ health has might have heard about glucosamine. Glucosamine is a substance derived from shellfish. Athletes involved in high impact sports are benefitted from it. Studies suggest high dosage of glucosamine supplementation may help in slowing down joint degradation. Few studies have shown that glucosamine supplementation can cause insulin resistance but follow up studies have shown that it doesn’t affect the metabolism of glucose. Dosage recommendations: -Daily 900-1500 mg throughout the day divided into 300-500 mg. -Glucosamine sulphate salts are best source to supplement. Who should avoid it: -There is no solid evidence which suggests big adverse relation between diabetes and glucosamine still it’s recommended to consult a doctor before using it if the person is pre-diabetic or diabetic. -Person allergic to shellfish should take a precaution before using it. There is conflicting evidence with regards to efficacy of glucosamine where some have shown positive benefits and some with no benefits. We need more evidence to learn short term and long term effects of glucosamine on joints health. Reference: - - - - #infs #supplements #glucosamine #jointhealth
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