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Exercise Science
In superset,two or more (any)exercises are performed one after the other without taking a break in between.

For example- Exercise A(10 reps): Exercise B(10 reps) Here "Exercise A" is performed for 10 reps and then immediately after 10 th rep without taking any rest you will switch to "Exercise B" which you will perform for 10 reps. This is one superset. Superset can be done for any two exercise. Here are few examples- Bench press and tricep extension Bicep curl and skull crusher Squat and deadlift Now let me answer few FAQs about supersets Which combination of exercises are best suited for supersets? Keep the second exercise of the superset targeting the antagonist muscle group of the first exercise. It simply means that keep the second exercise targeting the muscle groups which are not contracted(used) during the first exercise. For example Bench press and bicep curl Bench press - Mainly chest,triceps and shoulders are used to move the weight. Bicep curl - Bicep is used to move the weight. This will ensure your performance of the second exercise is not compromised. When should you include supersets? Supersets reduces the duration of the workout by few minutes which can be useful if you are running short of time. It's definitely better than skipping few sets of the exercise. Should you include supersets daily? It's probably not a good idea to do it daily because your strength for the second exercise may not be optimum because of no/minimum global recovery time between the exercises and the overall volume of the exercise may decrease which can compromise your growth. Hope it was helpful. Incase of any queries please drop it down in the comment section. Coach - Sheikh Najid Siddiquee

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