Balivada Sravan Kumar

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Successful dieting vs Non-successful dieting


There are two types of transformations that we often see. One group are the people who transform, post a transformation picture on social media and gain back the weight whereas the other group are the ones who don’t force themselves to transform in a short period and maintain the transformation that they achieve. What is the difference between these two? A non-successful dieter always tries to find a quick fix, focuses on weight loss, always keeps the weight as a goal, follows random calories/macros, tries to stick to the deficit for a longer period of time and always chooses a diet which is unsustainable but produces quick results. Whereas, a successful dieter always focuses on long term goals rather than quick weight loss, focuses on fat loss, has a goal in terms of how they look, adjusts the calories/macros according to his goals, takes diet breaks when required and moreover chooses a diet which he/she can sustain and adhere to for longer period of time. Result? A successful dieter will be able to keep of his/her weight because they make the eating habits as a lifestyle change rather than a very short-term quick fix to lose the weight to be fitter, better and smarter 😉
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