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So many people start their fitness journey with an abundance of enthusiasm, ambition and dedication. Yet, too many of them just end up giving up halfway and falling off the rails. Why does this continue to happen? What is the difference between the success stories and the failures in fitness?

When it comes to fitness, there's a fine line between the right and the wrong approach. Let's break this down in 5 parts: Consistent Training: Emphasis on the first word. *Consistent* training is one of the most important aspects of getting fit and STAYING there. Besides being consistent, you must also make sure to keep pushing yourself and progressing in terms of your training. A Focus On The Long Term: One of the most integral difference between gym success and failure. If you've just joined the gym got two months to hit your goal weight and then leave forever - you're probably not going to be a success story. Crash Diets: Crash diets and quick fixes are the pitfall of any fitness journey. Fitness is not something you can master with a Booty Tea or Appetite Suppressants! Following A Proper Plan: If you're not following a predetermined plan, there's a much higher chance you'll deter from your goals. Comparing Yourself With Others: The bane of every fitness journey! Always go by your progress at *your* pace, not some generic formula that worked for someone else. Understand why you are doing this. Don't follow anything blindly. Fitness is a journey and not some marathon or a sprint. If you want to achieve success, take one step at a time. Enjoy the process!

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