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Struggling to make time for cooking your own food?

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If you're struggling with making time for cooking your own food, or sticking to your diet because of lack of time, then you can consider this as an option. If you were to cook your entire day's worth of food first thing in the morning, you have to spend just 30-40mins in the kitchen everyday. That's 3-4hrs spent in the kitchen in a week on an average. But, if you were to cook for the next 4-7 days in advance then you'll need just 1hr/week for cooking. Once you make this change, you won't have to spend unnecessary amount of time thinking about what to cook, how to make time for cooking and contemplate giving up because "this isn't for me" OR Hire a cook who'll cook fresh food everyday according to your macros. Whatever floats your boat 😁


This is how I do, too. If my diet contains 30g dal per meal, I would measure 240g dal and prepare it. I would measure the before and after weight. 1/8th of it will be included in every meal

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