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Strongmen Excercise - Farmer's Walk

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Its one of the best workout for athletes to enhance their strength, stamina and endurance. Its a simple excercise that involves walking for a set distance or time while carrying weight but performing it properly is the key to prevent injury and to maximize results.

Why:- It is classified as a compound excercise for a simple reason that it activates nearly every muscle group. - Core Muscles - Braces and stabilizes the entire body - Grip strength in the hands, wrists and forearms - Upper Back and Traps- Prevent shoulders and chest from sagging - Lower body - Cardiovascular system - engaged throughout the entirety of the movement As a result, the entire body is put to work and helps in burning calories. How :- - Stand between two sets of weights - Lift from the middle of the weights to avoid tipping. Tight grip - Brace your core and glutes and lift the weight keeping your spine neutral - Straighten your posture, stand tall and look straight ahead - Take small and quick steps but dont run. - Put the weights down in a controlled manner keeping your spine neutral Guidelines:- - Starting light is good. It will give you a sense for the movement. It seems like an easy workout as I mentioned but its not so easy, if you workout with the perfect form. Increase the weight gradually. Have a safe Workout !! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr
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