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STRETCH MARKS - Why, what and how?

****WORRIED OF STRETCH MARKS**** Stretch marks, medically termed as STRIAE are off colour marks on the skin ranging from silver-white to dark purple streaks caused by rapid growth and stretching of the skin. While typically,they occur on pregnant women, they also occur on weightlifters,post puberscent teens and those who have lost or gained weight quickly. Basically anyone and everyone who has skin will have stretch marks at one point of life or the other..Yah truth be told!

I have had stretch marks during my both pregnancy ,mainly on the abdominal area. Trust me and I tried all sorts of oil and creams which claim to prevent stretch marks, but DUH!! 90% of them was a gift from my first pregnancy. But the truth is that they may appear ugly from a societal point of view but actually they have a point to prove, of your success or your journey- be it your weight loss struggle or achieving motherhood. I remember my friends or relatives telling me - "Oh ! your stretch marks are showing, pull your top down." So,what if they are showing???? I wear them with pride. For me they have a beautiful telling that I have been blessed enough to experience the most precious thing in the world - that is motherhood. I am ever so proud to flaunt them. If you have just lost weight, you should be proud of yourself and your new found body. It takes a while to get this kind of acceptance but trust me you just have to think positive. The truth is there is no way you can make them disappear completely. You can definitely try making them lighter or prevent them to an extent. 👉Keep yourself hydrated so that the skin remains supple from inside during such transitions. 👉Apply creams with RETIN A on new stretch marks to lighten them *pregnant women consult doctors before using them*. Use moisturizing products which shea or cocoa butter to keep the upper layer of the skin moist. 👉Lavender and Rose oil can help minimise the appearance of the stretch mark. Although with time they fade themselves. 👉Avoid rapid weight loss or weight gain. Go for sustainable weight loss with a structured diet and strength training which helps in toning the body. HOPE THIS HELPS. CARPE DIEM ! Swati

Navin Pamnani

awesome Swati... loved every bit of this post... the love & pride for thyself oozes volumes of self-confidence, high self-esteem and so much more! totally in with you on this!

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