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Stop Buying Happiness on Rent !

" Aj me bohot happy hu kyuki mujhe compliments mile bohot logo se about my looks!!"

"Aj me bohot happy hu kyuki logon ne bola me patli lag rahi hu" "Aj me bohot sad hu kyuki sab bol rahe the tum itna hardwork Kar rahi ho lekin results nahi aa rahe and abhi bhi bohot moti lag rahi hu" Etc etc etc. Every single day we let our moods get affected by such comments from people. We get excited when we hear a compliment and the moment we hear a derogatory remark, even if it's a stranger who doesn't know shit about our lives, we get affected so much so that it affects our mood for the entire day or sometimes, more. As if it's someone else who is running your mind for the day but not you! The world is clinging on to their phone 24*7. And almost majority of the time, we are just comparing our lives to the other lives on Earth. Seeking validation, attention and yes, happiness ! From friends, relatives, colleagues etc. A lot of my clients do this as well. The moment they start their fitness regime, they start every relating every single thing from their fitness regime to their general happiness. This affects every single thing they do in their daily life, their behavior, their mood, their work at office, their relationships, their conversations with each and every single person. Now tell you what ? If you start relating your own happiness to a thing which you don't have a control on, you will most likely be disappointed all the time ! Happiness cannot be related to the results we get in life be it fitness or academics or anything for that matter because the happiness that you get through materialism is always going to be short-lived. Like how can you let your weighing scale or an opinion of someone about how you look to them control "your mind" ? Your own mind has to be in our own control and your own thoughts should not be affected by what people say or think about yourself. Happiness is inside you. Opinions from people are always going to change according to their needs or mood or their perception. As they say, you cannot make everyone happy ! We are here to make ourselves happy ! Stop valuing other's opinions on how you look or shouldn't look so much so that it starts messing up with your happiness. Start seeking happiness from conscience instead of other beings. Your conscience knows if your efforts, deeds, actions and intentions are good. And if they are, you need not search for happiness outside because happiness on rent won't last forever !

Bhavana Pujar

gone through all this. thank you for sharing. Actually some people show that they are so happy and bla, bla...... on social media but reality is exact opposite. I seen this. I realized this long before and stopped thinking much.

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