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Stop blaming metabolism

Fitness Myths
Stop blaming metabolism

=============================== You must have heard someone saying " I am overweight because my metabolism is slow" or you are one of them. Let me burst the bubble for you, in most of the cases you are not fat because of your RMR (resting metabolic rate). Do a dietary audit, find out in actual how many calories you are eating that can be done only if you count each and every gram of what you are eating and at the end, you will find that you are eating much higher calories than you were assuming. And also you can not change your RMR unless you gain weight and that might be counterproductive to your goal. Take control of your diet, account for everything that you eat even if its a small bite of your favourite food


I have 1 query. My diet was below bmr for around 2 yrs still i did not loss weight. what is the reason for it?

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