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Stop absorbing shit!

Are you a Sponge? Then why do you keep absorbing all the shit?

I had this realisation a few months back when I found myself spending a lot of time of social media so much so that it was affecting my productivity, my growth, my workouts and even my family life. Am not perfect, & I had good reasons to use social media. SQUATS runs on social media! It needed me when we started it, doesn't need me so much now as all of us have grown and matured to sustain this beautiful community of ours. When I did the cost vs benefit analysis, I realised that I was spending so much time on social media which was a sheer waste of time. Facebook algorithms are such that once you start watching something, it keeps showing you content and then you don't realise how much time has passed. It was happening, I was absorbing so much of garbage information which was neither relevant to fitness nor was I helping people with quality articles. Once I downloaded Tiktok and spent 4 hours watching shit. I uninstalled it immediately. Social media is like a drug and it consumes you if you don't control. Now I wouldn't be writing this article if I hadn't overcome this addiction. I simply stopped using Instagram because to me it simply doesn't make sense. I still use Facebook on desktop because I keep sharing articles like these which help people. I use linkedIn because it's a great platform to learn! You see, I still use social media, but I've just become more selective. Rather than letting Facebook decide what I should watch, I am making that decision. It's been 2 months since I've used Instagram and almost 4 weeks since I've uninstalled Fb from my phone and this is the result. My productivity went up Am not absorbing shit for later processing My diet and workout is better Spending more quality time with family To summarise, I'd simply say that while social media is definitely an integral part of our lives but don't let it control you! Stop absorbing shit, Absorb only what's useful, learn and build something amazing!

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