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Stiff & Painful Neck and Upper Back?

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Stiff neck? Sore muscles of upper back?

Got pain in neck and upper back? Can't rotate your neck to sides? Well, this all may account to trapezius myalgia- Trapezius is a big muscle present at your neck and upper back and helps in specific actions of neck and back as in rotating and tilting of neck, shrugging of shoulders and stabilising shoulder during arm movements. 🔹Trapezius myalgia might be caused due to: 🔸Overuse and repetitive activity occurring at shoulder. It might stress the muscles leading to soreness. E.g. lifting heavy weights. It is also common in swimmers. 🔸Stress. Tense muscle are common at neck and shoulder for people who remain under stress and face anxiety. 🔸Poor posture. Improper postures while sitting or even sleeping in uncomfortable position might lead to trapezius myalgia. Long hours before computers might add stress upper trapezius leading to shortening and tightening of muscle. Here are few effective means in preventing and curing of trapezius myalgia: 🔹Heat and ice therapy. Icing reduces inflammation while hot packs relax the spasms and release trigger points by increasing the blood flow. 🔹Stretching. It helps very well in both prevention and cure. Stretches for trapezius include: -ear to shoulder stretch. -cat and camel stretch. 🔹Strengthening. Middle and lower trapezius weakness leads to over active upper trapezius. Start working on strengthening the weaker group of muscle. I-Y-T. If you are reading so far, you look nice today. Hope you in pink health! ⚠️Disclaimer: This health information is for general education purposes only. Always consult with your doctor or another health professional to get yourself clinically diagnosed & treated.⁣⁣ #daactarni

Kanchan Devnani

pls do suggest some exercise for strengthening ...and to relieve pain in lower neck ,and the area around it till mid upper back or (bra strap)

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