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Exercise Science
Leg curl is very effective isolated exercise for hamstring. You can perform standing leg curl, which is more effective, mainly for sport that require running and jumping then lying leg curl.

Let’s see how we can isolate hamstring in leg curl. Perform the leg curl with knee in planter flexion position (that means pointing toes outward, as shown in the left pic). In this position gastrocnemius (calves muscle) is shortened and cannot assist, as a result maximum load transfer to hamstring. This way hamstring isolation is maximised. If you tilt the toes inward (keep the knee in dorsiflexion position as shown in pic), the load is transferred to calves and hamstring muscle. It solely depends upon your training choice, if you just want to train hamstring, then keep the feet in planter flexion position while performing the exercise, and if you want to train both (calves and hamstring) then chose dorsiflexion position. One more tip, if you want to strengthen hamstring at the end of range of flexion then bend the body forward through the hip hinge, stretch hamstring a bit and allow them to gain more strength while performing standing leg curl.
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