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Squats are one of the most important exercises for lower body development. It’s one of my favourite exercises. Queries I get from a lot of people is that they get confused whether their knees should go straight down or travel forward. And will the knee traveling forward cause any damage to it? So lets check out -

💡 Yes, its true that Knees going forward comparatively takes more load than knees staying back . So more stress means knee damage? Well no, our knee is capable of taking that load comfortably. 💡 The more the knee moves forward its helps in keeping us upright while squatting. 💡 knees going forward also engage the quads more. So if you’re focusing on getting those big quads you should be aiming to stay upright and thus the knee can travel forward . 💡 When should or who should avoid it 🔹 well I’ll recommend that if you have knee pains or if you have had knee injuries in the past or recovering from it , avoid doing this . Try to keep your knees back , this will help shift the load to the hips and will have less stress on the knee. 🔹 once your knee has recovered and you feel fine you can switch to knee forward squats. This will not only Help build your quadriceps muscle more but will also help your knees become stronger with time.⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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gr8 info✌️👍..please do keep sharing such useful informations

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