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SQUAT with Knees not beyond your toes?

Exercise Science
You pay your first visit to your gym trainer and its your day to do SQUATS. You SQUAT because you go by the literal meaning of the word.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉“crouch or sit with one's knees bent and one's heels close to or touching one's buttocks or the back of one's thighs.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉But suddenly the trainer tells you “Hey dont let your knees pass your toes” and keeps a leg in front of your toe to limit the motion. I know 90% of people don’t even ask why but for very few who do get an answer “Lot of stress due to load on knees”. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉Matter of fact is your knees can handle a lot more load than you think. Well i am not generalising this as many of us have mobility issues due to tight hip flexors, hamstrings and limited ankle mobility but for those who can pay a visit to an Indian washroom and are not extremely obese, I don’t find any reason why you cant squat like its meant to be. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉This may have started from a misinterpreted study which actually said that limiting this movement showed a 22% decrease in knee torque. What they MISSED is there was a 1070% increase in hip torque. Putting in simple words your hip, glutes and lower back take a lot for a very small unnecessary change which makes the exercise very very DANGEROUS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why unnecessary❓Because your knees can handle the stress. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How much should your knee travel depends on individual based on their femur length and variation of squat(front, sumo, goblet, low bar back, high bar)❓ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- However if you are very tall and femur length is so much that the knee travel is excessive its probably not a bad idea to limit it a little specially if the load is excessively high. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moral of the story: Keep the movement as natural as it was intended to be and your body permits and enjoy squatting without a back pain. Cheers‼️ References: -…/
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