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Soya Farts

Soya farts!

Soya is one of the best protein sources, no doubt! Maximum protein content in any food out there by weight! And the amino acid profile and bioavailability is also top notch! But unfortunately, for some of you (not all), some soya products like soya chunks and soya flour can make you blow the trumpet from your behind, quite frequently. The oligosaccharides (a part of the carbohydrate portion in soy) is to blame. So the less processed it is, the more its tendency to make you fart! (Soya concentrate and isolate proteins do not have this problem) Also, Tofu seems to be alright in this case because of very low presence of oligosaccharides. Problem is, no solution has been detected yet to overcome this problem other than spreading your soya volume through the day and not consuming a lot in one go. And cooking it very well for a long time (soaking it for a long time before cooking, and using the pressure cooker to cook seems to work for some people) Let's hear from you about your musical experiences (yes, I'm talking about farts) from soya products and probably an insight into what has helped you overcome it. (Protein fart itself is a pretty big, but very less talked about topic in general) Reference Scientific Literature: 1. 2.

Rahul Kathuria

mt pucho ye farting bhut pareshaan krti , still khata rehta 😝

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