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something you may not know about Trapezius training

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I have been reading lately about the trapezius muscle and how to optimize our training regarding the same. Been doing this exercise for long but finally I got time to write about it and support what I am doing is correct. You will see lot of people doing shrugs with the narrow grip and might be wondering why their traps are not growing. The main reason is, they have overworked their levator scapulae muscle. If you keep doing traps WITHOUT much shoulder abduction, you will overwork on your levator scapulae and you will not be focusing much on the upper fibres of your traps. I am not saying you should not do narrow width, you should, but also involve exercises which will abduct your shoulders and hit your traps in upward rotation. In simple terms, keep the grip wide because we are trying to abduct the shoulders enough (means trying to go away from midline) and then doing the shrugs. These are called snatch grip shrugs. These work very less on your levator scapulae muscle and more on your upper fibres of your traps improving your upper trapezius function. Of course this won't make you Brock Lesnar overnight, but if you do this consistently it might 😀😀 And hey , I have the below research to support my claim My go to favorite trap exercises are snatch grip shrugs, narrow grip DB shrugs, low face pulls. Btw ever wondered why these guys who are into Olympic lifts performing snatches have good traps? :)

Neha duaa

Sir one question Trap m continue pain ka reason kya h and how to solve this problem

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