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Often I have seen many people just losing their focus in Shravan month just because of several restrictions in terms of Nutrition and eventually get off track. Let's discuss how you can manage your nutrition for this month. What is the actual concern? The main issue that people face is just to complete their protein intake just because non-vegetarian food is restricted at some houses. Let's see how these small foods can help you to fulfill your protein requirements for the day. Firstly track your macros smartly with the help of Fittr app and you are almost halfway there. Second thing, try to combine all possible vegetarian sources of proteins you have. ( Soya chunks, whey if you are using it, Paneer, tofu, cheese, milk dal, rajma, beans, chickpeas, nuts, etc.) If you add this variety it becomes easier to complete your protein intake, you just need to adjust your carbs and fats accordingly. Let's look at some basic replacements: 100 grams of chicken can be replaced with the following veg sources. 1. 1 scoop whey. 2. 40 grams soya chunks (but reduce 15grams of any carb sources from your diet ) 3. 100 grams paneer (but reduce 15 grams of any fat sources like olive oil/ghee/butter/coconut oil) In terms of eggs 1 whole egg can be replaced with 1. 1 cheese slice or cheese cube (25 grams cheese) 2. 25 grams paneer. 100 ml milk has around 3 grams of protein, 100 grams of mixed nuts has around 8 grams of proteins Even if it has little less amount of protein as compared to other food items, it plays a very vital role when it comes to completing your macros for the day. So the bottom line is don't go out of track just because of some restrictions in terms of nutrition, instead, try to manage your protein intake from small sources to avoid muscle loss and add a variety of options which won't make it monotonous & which will help you complete your daily requirement. Along with nutrition, be consistent with your workouts with good sleep. So how do you manage your diet in Shravan?云

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