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Some myths about gaining weight!

Some myths about gaining weight!

What causes weight gain? ✓Is it rice? I eat it and I start gaining! ✓Is it banana? I heard banana with milk makes us fat! ✓Is it potato? It has too much fat! ✓Is it the topping of the pizza? That cheese on it? It has too much fat, so I just eat the base of it! ✓Eggs? It has fats, specially the yolk and too much cholesterol too! ✓Sugar? I eat sweets so I am overweight! ✓Is it because I take afternoon nap? I sleep post my lunch so I gain weight! And the list is endless .... There are n number of things we hear all the time and we start believing them too because we do not know the science. Can just eating a particular food everyday make us fat? No, it doesn't. We just cut down on the above mentioned food when we target weight loss. But cutting down the calories without tracking the macronutrients (fats, carbs and protein) will help you in losing muscles and water weight from your body and not fats which is unhealthy and leads to strength loss. You must have seen weight loss by eating less of these foods, it was because you were eating low calories. But is weight loss your goal? Our body weight comprises of fats, fat free mass (muscles), organs, bone and water weight. So it's better to target fat loss than weight loss. To lose fat, you just don't need to cut down the calories (calorie deficit), you need to track the macronutrients as well. When you are on calorie deficit with adequate division of macronutrients, you lose fats! When you don't track the macros and just start eating more than your maintenance calories (calorie surplus) without doing proper workouts, we gain fats! But if your goal is to maintain or improve the body composition, you can be on calorie surplus, with adequate macronutrients and regular strength training workouts. So decide your goal first, and then design a plan for you that can help you attain your fitness goal. Do mindful eating!!

Chitthra Mani

hi Amrita, well explained n makes sense to me as I m confused abt calorie deficit. n many such concepts... thanks a lot 😇

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