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Some major benefits of exercise during PERIODS.

Some major benefits of working out during periods

1. Exercise Relieves PMS - Do you experience recurrent backpain, heavyness in the lower body and fatigue during periods ? You can surely get rid of it by starting with some light physical activities. 2. Exercise Improves blood circulation- Physical activity during periods improves blood circulation in entire body but especially around pelvic region which helps alleviating abdominal cramps. 3. Exercise Reduces bloating- Is bloating during periods the major trouble for you ? Let me tell you, Our body holds about 5-10 pounds of water during periods. Exercise induces sweating which helps to reduce bloating to large extent. 4. Exercise lower craving- ‘After exercise effect’ is quite good. Don’t you think ? When you feel good and fresh you crave less and focus more on having well balanced meals. 4. Exercise Reduces anxiety and depression and boost overall mood - Exercise releases a lot endorphins which gives you a ‘feel good factor’. This reduces the anciety, depression and boost your mood. So ladies? What are you waiting for ? Start exercising from your next cycle. #strongerduringmenstruation

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which exercise should we do in periods?

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