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Some Common Questions Related to Quantified nutrition and Workouts!!

Each one of us have some common questions when we plan to start quantified eating and strength training. Here are some of them along with their answers.

✓ How is the diet going to be? The diet is going to like your regular diet, you can quantify the food you like to eat. ✓ What will be the timing of meals? You can eat anytime, there is no time boundations. ✓ What if I miss to eat something from diet? You have to complete the macros (protein, fat, carbs)because this is what matters the most!! If eating more causes imbalance so does eating less. ✓ How important is to have lots of water? It is one of the macronutrients, like completing fats carbs and protein is important, having lots of water is important too. One should have 5-6 litres of water everyday. ✓ How can we have breads and cheese in diet, as they are processed foods? You can have anything if they are adjusted to your plan, since we quantify everything. ✓ What should be the time gap between meals and workouts? You can workout once your food settle down. It's always better to eat something light before your workout. ✓ How much can I lose in 12 weeks? It depends on how your body responds and your efforts as well. There is no average number. ✓ Can diet alone help me in losing weight? You might lose few pounds, but for good results, workout is important too. It improves the fat loss, helps in body toning and makes us active too. ✓ When is the best time to workout? You can workout at any time of the day. ✓ Which diet is best for fat loss? A calorie deficit diet with adequate macronutrients is best for fat loss. One should avoid those unsustainable diets just to lose some weight, which will bounce back once you start eating normally. ✓ How can I get instant results, as I have a function to attend in another 3 months? One should not target short term goals, and if you have so, you should improve your efforts rather than just starving. ✓ Is there any food items that can enhance the progress? No! No particular food item can make you lose weight faster. If you have some more questions, comment below!

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