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Social Eating

Social Eating

_____________ So if you have the knowledge about calorie deficit and calories , workouts, but : Do you still struggle to lose weight? Do you lose weight and gain it all back? Have you tried all the diets and it still doesn’t work ? Do you often say “Kal se diet pakka promise, I can’t diet” Also have you heard one of these very promising statements? “Aaj toh khale, Ek khale aur kya hoga, kitni dubla/dubli dikh rahi hai” “Sab Kuch Khana Chaihye, Aaj Khale kal burn karlena” And that tomorrow probably never happened. Then yes you can read further. 1. Social Eating: It is definitely an outright obligation nowadays. How many times have we all given up eating healthy/ tracking calories just because ‘aaj mood nahi hain’ We all love occasions to get out of our daily routine , step out and grab a bite of that favorite item once a while or order at home because im too tired or just because it’s the weekend. Lets have an overview of the year and see how many of these occasions do we have in 365 days. Total we have 365 days of which on an average we have Weekends 104 days Bank Holidays 40 days Office Outings 20 days Weddings 10 days Birthdays 15 days Guests over 15 days Travel 15 days _______________________ 219 days At home 147 days (which is lesser than 50%) Yes we have more than 50% of the days where we have options to eat outside. After all we are Social Animals. 2. Either the Social Eating manages you or You manage the social eating: We build social connects with people over food these days, from meetings at a café, restaurant or a mall or for a movie etc which are a part of our lifestyle now. Here is the time we really let go and we end up gaining weight or regaining loss weight. Because we have eaten above maintenance calories because we did so. “But I only ate that day” that’s what we tell ourselves, as we have seen above its more than 60% of the days we have. Once you have an overview of the entire year you can never go back. So its important to manage Sonu’s birthday or Tittu’s wedding party or monu’s get together and eat responsibly. Time to manage your social life otherwise it will manage you. 3. So Should I not go out or stop being social? Of course not. You go out , know what you are eating and manage yourself better. Also you can live by a simple rule that most of our parents used earlier “Eat out once a month” feel happy , don’t feel guilty that you have eaten, get back on track with your workouts and routine diet. If you do this you will easily manage to maintain your weight. 4. Do your Best ! Say NO to “Aaj toh khale, Ek khale aur kya hoga, kitni dubla/dubli dikh rahi hai” “Sab Kuch Khana Chaihye, Aaj Khale kal burn karlena. Trust me its OK to say NO ! 5. Hacks Here are my top 6 hacks when you step outside. a. Drink Clear soup or order Salad with dressing on the side. b. Prioritize protein and ditch the gravy. Have grilled portions. c. Have Black coffee, green tea, chamomile tea , diet coke (no it doesn’t cause cancer) OR Plain old water d. Eat raw vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, salad leaves etc e. Eat at home and practice intermittent fasting when you step outside. f. Watch the serving size and ditch the dessert. (remember you have a day / two a month to manage your cravings.) Next weekend re-think about how you are going to manage this year. You will see lot of my mentees ,a lot of coaches & members here have found their hacks and you will see them managing travel, office, social engagement time very well. I’m sure you will too. If you are already doing it, post some of your hacks below and help others.

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I’m in restaurant with my friend was bit confused what to order… this post helped … thanks😃 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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