Omkar Kamthe

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So you had a cheat meal ??πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

Now what's next ?? Chill bro, you have not done any crime. 😎 No matter what kind of diet you follow, eventually you are going to go off track because not all days are the same. Everyone has a social life outside this dieting world. Wedding, parties, get- together, etc. won't stop just because you are on a diet. It is very important to learn how to manage your meals on such occasions and incorporate them into your lifestyle. However, it is even more important to draw a line and be able to move on afterward. Don't let one cheat meal or one cheat day turn into an entire cheat week. That is the kind of thinking which successful people build in themselves which helps them to reach their goals. There are two kinds of people : 1. Which after having a cheat meal or cheat day indirectly, get demotivated and discontinue the entire diet and workouts, forgetting their goals without giving a thought. 2. Which after having a cheat meal or cheat day, smartly calculate and manage their macros for the next day and get back on track immediately with a good motivation level. Always be the second one. Preparing yourself mentally after a cheat day and getting back on a track immediately with a fresh mindset is the real key to success which will take you one step closer towards your goals. Remember you are just one bite away from being back on track!

Suman Lata

one confusion sir, after a cheat meal in dinner , next day we should again restart our previous diet or calculate the macros of cheat meal and adjust them in next day's diet to cut some food??

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