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Smoking Point of Oil

What is an oil smoke point?

Generally we add ghee or oil in our food to get healthy fat. However we forget for how much time the oil should be on flame. That’s where the oils smoke point comes. The smoke point is the temperature at which a oil stops shimmering and starts, smoking. It is alternatively called the burning point. Smoke point can range from low (325 degrees Fahrenheit) to high (510 degrees Fahrenheit) Why is it important? Every oil you cook with has a certain temperature called a smoke point. Once oil is heated enough, it will begin to smoke and break down. Repeated heating changes the physical appearance of the oil with increase in its viscosity, darkening in color, foaming and decrease in smoke point making it harmful for human consumption. As the oil is breaking down, it starts to become more oxidized. These oxidized parts of the oil may cause damage to cells inside your body We often reheat the oil without knowing the harmful effects, we all know smoking cigarettes can significantly increase your risk for developing cancer, but did you know there’s another kind of smoke you need to pay attention to? How to Choose the Right Cooking Oil ? In India there has always been an emphasis on Desi ghee. As it is more stable at smoke point and hence suitable for all types of cooking excluding deep frying. However you can chose from various varieties of oil but ensure that they cooked as per their smoke point. #smokepoint #burningpoint #cookingoil #desighee #mustardoil #squats #fittr #fittrforher Shivani Jotwani

nisha aggarwal

wow...did not know about it. thankyou for sharing it. does it mean the oil we use for deep fry can't be used second time?

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