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Smoking and Muscle Recovery - What’s The Connection?

We all know how dangerous smoking can be for your health. We’ve also seen people

debate whether smoking can affect your cardiovascular fitness. Here’s another question that needs more clarity: does smoking affect your muscle recovery/strength? The short answer: Yes, it does! In a research conducted between two groups, Group 1 consisted of healthy male smokers and Group 2 comprised non-smokers. Both groups performed Single-leg Toe Raises in order to deplete glycogen to approximately 20mmol/l. Then, glycogen resynthesis was measured during the first 4 hours of recovery. Plasma samples were assayed for glucose and insulin at rest and during recovery. The study found that glycogen was depleted to similar levels in both the groups. During the 1st hour , both groups saw a similar recovery of the glycogen synthesis rates. However, between hours 1 and 4, glycogen recovery synthesis was impaired. Recovery was much better for the non-smoker group. Smoking has a number of undesirable side-effects and reduced muscle recovery might be one of them. If you are not ensuring that your muscles recover properly, then you can definitely expect your progress to be impacted. It’s clear that cigarettes can hamper your recovery and directly affect your workouts. So, the next time you hear someone say that smoking doesn’t impact their progress, do share this with them. Cheers :) Reference :

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