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!! Slow OR Fast Reps ? For Muscle Growth 💪💪 !!

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!! Slow OR Fast Reps ? For Muscle Growth 💪💪!!

Once you have been fairly regular to the gym, you will eventually notice all kinds of people in the gym. You will notice some people doing reps at a fast pace, some would be slowing down each rep. And this question always creeps in Am i doing it right ? Should i be doing my reps at a slow pace or fast ? Am I missing out on some extra gains ? Specially for slowing down your reps the reason you will hear is to increase the time under tension (TUT) and hence that will cause more muscle growth. It does sound plausible, you slow down the pace of the reps that you do and things start to feel harder. And that usually leads us to think that since it is hard, it must be good. Let us look at this meta analysis by Schoenfield et el (2015) on the effect of repetition duration during resistance training on Muscle Hypertrophy (muscle growth). The key points identified in this review were : 1. Hypertrophic outcomes appear to be similar when training with repetition durations ranging from 0.5 to 8 seconds to concentric muscular failure, suggesting that a fairly wide range of repetition durations can be employed if the primary goal is to maximize muscle growth. 2. Limited evidence suggests that training at volitionally very slow duration's (greater than 10 seconds per repetition) is inferior from a hypertrophy standpoint,although a lack of controlled studies on the topic makes it difficult to draw definitive conclusions. One thing to note is, that do not take this as an excuse for bad form/technique. Picking up a heavy weight for yourself and then using a lot of momentum to complete your reps is not optimal. It will not target the intended muscles and hence it will not give the required stimulus for growth. Besides it will also increase your risk of getting injured. Another point, while trying to intentionally slow down your reps you will cause unnecessary fatigue. And this will affect the subsequent sets that you will be doing. Since you are more fatigued, you will not be able to complete as much reps as you could have. So now you have just sacrificed your overall volume, and volume is a key driver for muscle growth. So this will also not be beneficial for your goals. Practical Takeaways : > As long as you are training hard, whether you like lifting explosively or with slow reps, muscle growth will be similar. > This does not mean you sacrifice on proper technique for doing fast or slow reps. > Purposefully slowing down your reps too much to increase TUT may not be beneficial as it will affect your overall volume and hence muscle growth. References : https://www.researchgate.net/publication/271533635_Effect_of_Repetition_Duration_During_Resistance_Training_on_Muscle_Hypertrophy_A_Systematic_Review_and_Meta-Analysis https://medium.com/@SandCResearch/what-is-time-under-tension-d96afdea16e6

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