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Slow metabolism or Under- Estimating Calories?

Is your metabolism really slow or you are under-estimating?

============================== The only reason we gain fat is because we consume Calories more than required. This is simple Math and if you are not losing, it means you are not on a Deficit. I see so many People claiming to be on a low Calorie diet but still not losing. Now few may be on some medication, treatment, stress, sleepless which would be affecting but who aren’t, below could be the reason: - You are consuming more Calories than you think - If you aren’t really measuring the quantity of oil used, you are making a marginal mistake of 9 KCal per gm of it. 10 gms additional fat and you are 90 Calories up.Boom! - You are eating out and you have no idea of the Calorie rich dressing or marination. Eating out should never be an option when you really want to lose fat. Exceptions should only be travel. Maintenance is a different story - The app might not be accurate for the food items entered. Better to go with items which has nutritional value mentioned as per qty in gms. Cups , scoop, palm size and piece size might differ and that would change the nutritional value - You are replacing food items without knowledge of nutritional value. You might be relying on your judgement of “healthy” and “unhealthy” food items. For example- replacing rice with paneer(both are very different in macro distribution and Calories) or having juice and not counting Calories since it is natural or may be not counting your small munches because you think they do not make a difference etc - You aren’t active enough. You might go to the gym but you are using the same set, reps and load for weeks. Every single session should be better than the previous one. Sweat is not an indicator but efforts and load are How to get on track then? - Do micro- level tracking atleast till the time being you have achieved your end goal. Make sure every gm of food is tracked - Avoid munching - Avoid eating out unless absolutely necessary. Friends and family forcing is just an excuse - Avoid relying on your belief and believe in Science and solid numbers🔎 - Avoid reading articles on google or following someone else’s chart 🤷🏼‍♂️ - Stop thinking that a slight cheat cannot have a huge impact. It can if your set deficit is less Slow metabolism is not really the case in majority of people but under estimation is the reason behind slow progress or no progress. Tip of the Day: Be Honest while you are Dieting!

anil kumar

even on deficit by 500 calories weight stop deducting .. what is reason on such situations??

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