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SLEEP: The most ignored part of your GOAL

In this fast pace world, everyone wants to achieve the most out of 24 hours of a day. But because we can’t extend the hours we tend to manage everything cutting our sleeping schedules to squeeze out few extra hours for our entertainment and work. While we do manage to complete our schedules by doing this we tend to ignore our body clocks. Our body clock is something that hints us when we need to sleep, eat and wake up. There are many reasons we opt for waking up late or early rising which may include our zeal to work and earn more, students on the other hand are advised to study early in the mornings because it is quiet and our mind is alert and because of the increased stress and depression people have problem sleeping. Did we question ourselves as to what it may cause to our health and body as it is a known fact that a right amount of sleep is an essential requirement to keep ourselves healthy? Let’s assume a machine, we fuel it and keep it serviced when we see that it is working excessively we tend to give it some rest. Same is the case with our bodies we have to fuel it right and give it the right rest to extract the most out of it. Studies have proved that people having improper sleeping schedules tend to force wake themselves by the help of caffeinated beverages and drinks with high levels of sugar, apart from this they even have irregular eating habits which are a huge reason of having an unhealthy body and mind. Apart from this these people tend to have irregular eating habits as well as they prefer easy to cook foods or snacks to overcome their hunger in these extended hours. Not sleeping enough can increase the rates of having diabetes and heart problems not to exclude the fact that it keeps your body tired the whole day and hamper your full potential making you susceptible and more prone to stress and depression. It is not a rocket science to realize the importance of rest for our body. If we use our body more than its full potential we must take its care.

Arun Sirmor

idiot question is there is sleep supplement available? I don't have get enough sleep due to baby 👶

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