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sleep and fat loss

Dieting Psychology
Sleep is one of the most ignored factor when it comes to fat loss or muscle gain. For Fat loss we keep on trying different diets and workout but we forget one of the most essential aspect that is SLEEP.

Improper or insufficient sleep has negative impact on almost every system of body. These are the various ways how improper sleep can be hindrance to your fat loss or muscle gain journey: > Insufficient sleep can increase your appetite hence, increasing your chances of over eating fat gain. > It can increase your body stress level, cortisol level and lead to muscle loss. > It can decrease your metabolic rate > It can decrease your testosterone hormone production, which we know is major player in muscle building. > Studies have showed that it can decrease your proportion of weight loss as fat and increase loss of fat free mass. Also, we very well know that we don't build muscle in gym by working hard but when we take rest. hence, proper, sound and non-fluctuated sleep is very important for Fat loss Referances - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/20921542/
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