Balivada Sravan Kumar

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Simple workouts or fancy workouts?

Exercise Science
Have you ever done this: You see someone do a fancy never-seen-before exercise for “maximum activation” or “to feel the burn” and you immediately want to try that.

Happened with you? Do they need to do that? I’ll let you decide. Read on. It takes 6-8 weeks to learn the exercises and the gains will start from there when you learn the exercise. By changing workouts frequently, you spend all your time in just learning the exercises and it makes difficult for you to progress. The more you practice the better you can perform the exercise with better loads. When you made/choose a workout plan, stick to it and don’t get influenced by the fancy workouts which are no better than the simple workouts. They might look cool in social media and may attract people, but in reality, it is always better not to complicate the workouts and to follow the simple workouts along with progressive overloading which are enough for making gains.
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