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I see people trying different diets, sometimes they get results sometimes they don’t. Among those who get results, there are very few who sustain that progress. The reason is simple, most of them take fitness as a task which they think demands them to do something extra-ordinary or which demands them to go out of their lifestyle.

While on the contrary, I keep insisting that you already have a lifestyle and you need to accommodate this fitness goal in the existing lifestyle, not vice versa. Your fitness routine should revolve around your daily routine. You already eat food daily and do some or other physical activities, it is just you need to be a little mindful about them now. For that, you need to build some habits. Because your habits will decide whether you will sustain the progress that you are making in your transformation journey or not. So in short, even if you transformed and achieved your fitness but you didn’t change the habits and mindset that made you unhealthy in the first place, you will go back to your old situation. ⁣ I'll tell you a few simple things to ensure you don’t fall back to the old routine. ⁣Being fit doesn't take many efforts, just make sure you are doing the following things ⁣ ⁣ * Track your macros.⁣ * Track your fluid ⁣ * Have enough sleep⁣ * Hit gym at 4-5 days a week⁣ * Try being active, move as much as you can⁣ * And..... Eat your veggies ⁣ ⁣ If you adapt to these things and make them a habit chances of your sticking to your fitness goals and achieving them increases. Start taking small steps in your daily lifestyle and do them consistently. You will stay fit.


nice one,i am upto my fluide intake but as you said one step at a time, so working on stocking up on my veggies more in each and every meal. Thanks for the motivation. Much appreciated.

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