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Dieting Psychology

Often I have seen many clients just feeling low in energy, poor sleeping quality, and recovery which leads to bad results. It totally depends on individual to individual, there are so many people who have the habit of eating more calories than needed on the other hand there's also a group of people who are just starving themselves to death by eating very low-calorie food according to their body requirements in the name of fat loss. If the past- present eating habits are decent enough there's no issue as such but if they are not appropriate it can affect a lot of factors including your progress. So how do you know you are undereating? • You always feel tired and lethargic. • You are extremely hungry 80% of the time. • Your mind is willing to workout but your body is not allowing you to get out of bed. • Even if you hit the gym, you aren't able to workout properly. • You are not progressing at all, you are just stuck somewhere. So what are the SOLUTIONS to these problems : The best solution is to increase your caloric intake slowly and gradually and see how are you feeling on that particular caloric intake. For example, let's say you are eating somewhere around 1000-1200 calories, so start with 1100-1300 calories, keep a check for 7-10 days till you see changes in your body. So the bottom line is, Avoid eating low-calorie food in the name of fat loss, you need to understand and fuel your body with the quantity of food it needs. Eating that way will just disturb your sleeping habits, your metabolism, your energy levels and also will affect your progress. 💪
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