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Signs you are making progress

Fitness Myths
So, you’ve been following a diet and workout plan for some time now.

How do you know if it’s working? Well, there are a number of criteria for judging your progress. However, it can get confusing when you see little to no improvements in one aspect. Does that mean that you haven’t made any progress at all? Not so. All these aspects should be looked at as a collective scale. If you find yourself progressing on one or other parameter, then it means that you are making progress towards your goals. All you need to do then is pay a little more attention to the ones that are lagging. Let's check out a few of these criteria:

Payel Basu

I feel most of the posts are always about people loosing weights and inches...I had joined Fittr for gaining weight and looking healthy and i sincerely don't want to fit into my old clothes as I was malnourished and wearing xxs. Please sometimes write about people like us to cheer us up...just saying p.s: i have gained and my health has improved a lot in last few months...I super happy that I don't fit in my old clothes 😁

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