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Shred vs Gain

Better the gain , better will be your shredded condition. And best grounds for a gain is when your body is at a low fat %. So both are interdependent.

The most important factor is the muscle mass. You might have observed many people who have abs but don’t look big or people feel “yeh toh sukh gaya hai.” The main reason of “sukh gaya hai” is muscle mass. If you have got good muscle mass you will look decent when you shred to bone. Food to the body is like fuel to the car. The car won’t run without fuel, similarly you won’t put on muscle mass without food. Shredding is like sculpting the final structure. If someone feels this can be done over a short period of time then they are bound to face disappointment at the end of that short period. It is like promising yourself that you will be richer than Mukesh Ambani at the end of 3 months but at the end of allotted time you feel that “it is not your cup of tea” . But my friend the situation is “the tea is not ready yet.” It is gonna take time for tea to be ready , just make sure your eyes are on the tea (consistency) while it is being prepared. There is nothing but sheer consistency which is required. People will tend to go offtrack in this lockdown because of reasons like - We will start after the lockdown is over - We are at home hence we want to munch something - We don’t have equipments - Where should we walk - We don’t have groceries According to me this is a perfect time to start your fitness journey because - You have a lot of time - All social places are closed (which in a way help you to stay on diet) - There are no people to meet - Stretching and mobility can be targeted since there is ample time (this often gets missed because of time crunch) - You don’t have to get different food items ( getting different food items is a task these days. Never in my life had I tasted soya but I am having it because chicken is not available) (Yes , I totally agree that the gyms might not be functioning but hey, have we reached this state where we have covered all other factors persistently?) If you wish, there can be guaranteed 20-25 days of you following the macros with your environment being supportive enough to complete this task. It is my 7th day of shredding today. When are you starting your journey?

Bakhshi Yogesh

Shredding your Body

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