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Should you workout when you are down with flu?

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Fit Bytes: Should you exercise when are down with flu and cold? SQUATS Expert Sheenam Sahni answers.

Many people wonder whether or not to skip the gym when they fall sick. Questioning if it will be helping your body fight it off or making things worse? The answer depends on the severity of your sickness and what kind of sickness you are experiencing. A light Cold, Headache? - Consider light training (~60% effort) - Can Brisk Walk or a less complex home workout - Avoid max efforts/sprints Severe Chest Cold, Flu, Infection? - Choose to Rest - Take a break from workouts - Lower activity levels to relax - Recover well - Start again gradually It's important to consider that exercise is a stress to the body which can temporarily dampen your immune system. Exercising too hard when you’re sick or not taking the rest required can make it harder for your body to recover. #fitbytes #healthtips #fitnesstips
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