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Should you train after a bad night of Sleep?

Sleep & Stress
Short Answer - If you have had a sleep-deprived night, it would be better to train with lower intensity or have an active rest day.

Long Answer: Once you have pledged to be fit, you want to overcome all the obstacles for getting a good daily workout. Some people always want to squeeze in their workout in their daily routine even if feeling sick, exhausted, or sleep-deprived. While the level of commitment is commendable, it is always important to keep the big picture in mind, considering a long-term commitment to fitness. As per wide literature, sleep deprivation not only causes an increase in exertion but also impacts the cognitive performance and decision making of any individual. The magnitude of this seems to increase as we age [1] [2]. Key Limitation of Research on Sleep Deprivation: Most studies evaluated the extreme scenarios of sleep deprivation which might not exist in the real world. Hence, the impact of 1-2 hours of sleep deprivation might not be that significant. However, the actual impact remains to be seen. As a practical takeaway, it is always better to take rest on the days when you are sleep deprived. However, if you are certain that you want to be physically active somehow, then, probably, training at a lower intensity or getting an active rest day, might make your day more productive, reduce the risk of injury, and also minimize the carryover effect of sleep deprivation to subsequent days of training. Ref: [1] Sleep deprivation: Impact on cognitive performance [2] Sleep and Athletic Performance: The Effects of Sleep Loss on Exercise Performance, and Physiological and Cognitive Responses to Exercise Content by Praveen Budhrani


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