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Often clients are worried about the fact if they miss the gym when they are sick, all their efforts and hard work will fade away. But let me tell you, the consequences of taking few days off are never as impactful as you might think. If you take rest for few days and recover, you will come back stronger, better and definitely continue to progress. You will definitely not lose your muscles or get fat by skipping gym for few days or a week.💪🏻 If you are having a normal cough, cold you can hit the gym if you want, again this depends on your comfort levels and it varies for every individual and if you have fever, chest pains, severe injuries etc. it's better to have rest till the time you get recovered. It's absolutely fine if you are not able to follow your diet on point when you are sick, just stick to simple basic healthy home made food with plenty of water. This will help you to come back stronger. 💪🏻 Always listen to your body, analyze the situations and then take a call. “Each and every day counts” even if this statement is true and gives you motivation, you also need to understand that “Every day is not the same” So if you are sick and not comfortable, don't just hit the gym for the sake of going, remember you are not proving to anyone, your body is the only place you live in, so better take care of it.🤝🏻💪🏻 So do you hit the gym when you are sick ? 😜🏋️


exactly needed this kind of post normally I go but this time the injury is so bad so I won't go for 1 month 😔 I am so sad about it I will loose everything and nedd to start by 0 again

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