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Should You Set Timelines For Your Transformation

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Should You Set Timelines For Your Transformation ?

We have heard this many times, whenever people want to transform some timeline will always come up. Like i want to reduce x amount of weight in 1,2 or 3 months, i want to transform for my (or a close relative etc) wedding in 2 months and many more such reasons and timelines. And most of the times these timelines, numbers are unrealistic. Question is, Is that a Good thing to do so ? Answer is Yes.... and No. Let me Elaborate this further. Answers to such questions or any question as a matter of fact can never be given in a simple Yes - No, Either - Or form. This is not to make you confused. But to understand the context and to see how the answer to a question can be different on a case to case basis. YES for Whom : If you are someone who has a relatively active lifestyle, workout fairly regularly and is used to the discipline. Sure, it is already part of your lifestyle to take out time to workout, eat right. Setting a timeline will be fairly easy and more or less normal work for you. There is no added pressure. If you are someone who thrives with some structure and needs to have set boundaries for you to get things done. Sure you can set a timeline (should be realistic of course) for yourself and work towards your goal. If you are an athlete, you need to be on a stage, you have a photo-shoot or you have a competition. You will definitely need to have a plan and set time to achieve your goal. This is more of an obvious answer in this case. NO for Whom : If you are someone who has never been on a structured diet, not used to a set routine. If you have to drag yourself to go to the gym after just a week of being regular. Maybe it is not a good idea to suddenly get all excited and pumped. And start being very strict about everything, you will not be able to sustain it for long. You are setting yourself up for failure sooner or later. Start slow, make small meaningful changes and build habits and with time it will become a part of your lifestyle. If you have unrealistic expectations, e.g losing 15 kg's in 2 months. Many people have some numbers in their mind (like an ideal weight, or body fat percentage) and some perceived timeline to achieve it. Please always ask yourself if you will be able to achieve and sustain it. Please do not associate your worth with a number. If you get stuck with that mindset, when you will not be able to achieve your goal in set time, you will become disappointed and demotivated. Which will result in you eventually quitting. These are just a few examples, there can be many more scenarios. In conclusion. I would say : > Do not try to think of "Dieting" or "Working Out" as a temporary fix that you need to do for few months and its done, think long term. You will need to adopt fitness as a part of your lifestyle to get fit and keep working at it. > Do not set unrealistic Goals, which if not achieved makes you disappointed and demotivated. > Always think about sustainability and adherence before starting something. And how it applies to you. Cheers

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