Utsav Agrawal

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There is a variety of protein bars available in the market, some market it as the best source of protein, and some market it as a way to fulfill your cravings. Let's understand does the claims hold true?

Benefits 1. Comes very handy while traveling to complete protein requirement, better than eating regular chocolates 2. Can be a tasty, full of protein snack with comparatively lesser calories 3. Can be a good option to complete the protein requirement if you are not able to complete from food and do not like whey 4. Few protein bars have some amount of vitamins and minerals too. Of course, the quantities are pretty less. Drawbacks 1. They are pretty expensive when compare to whey protein 2. Some protein bars are just full of sugar/carbs and do does not justify their name itself. 3. Whey protein is better than protein bars in terms of completing protein requirements as it will have fewer calories Conclusion - It all depends on your lifestyle, preference, and adherence that you should invest in a protein bar or not. It does help in fulfilling the protein requirement but at the same time, add up a few more calories from carbs and fat. I have seen people overeat protein bars or cookies; if it's triggering the cravings to eat more rather than reducing your cravings, then my suggestion would not buy protein bars. Overeating protein bars can also make you fat. Which one to buy? - Check the label thoroughly, any protein bar under 300 kcal and having more than or equal to 20 grams protein bar is good to go. Otherwise, it will add up extra calories and that you might have spent on high satiety food if in deficit.

Akash Charan Cholleti

I am using a protein bar that is 190 cal, 21g protein. However, it has 24g carbs with 15g of dietary fiber and 6g of sugar alcohol making the net carbs as 3g. That’s what the label says. So when I am making a diet chart, I should include this as 3g of carbs instead of 24g, right ? I just don’t understand how sugar alcohol is bringing down net carbs, dietary fiber I understand.

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