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Chotte Sharma Ji is High on Adrenaline; He changes his workout schedule every week for maximum gainzzz 💪💪

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How often do you change your workout?

Do you get bored with the workout routine very easily? Do you think fancy and difficult workouts make you much stronger? Have you tried increasing the load progressively instead of changing the workout frequently? Do you think the workout is only for fun, everything depends on a diet? This is a very common scenario that I have observed among the trainees who have recently started going to the gym, that they change their workout schedule very frequently. Reasons being - 1. I am not getting any results - are you serious? Its been just 15 - 20 days that you have started lifting. How can you expect results so soon? 2. It's a boring workout schedule - I never understood this reason. How can lifting Iron be fun? It's boring because you are more interested in talking to people around you and not focussed on lifting. If your strength allows you to do 10 kg dumble press and you're doing it with only 2.5 kgs, this workout will always remain boring for you. Unless you will focus on your form and lifting, you will not get results and thus that workout will always remain a waste of time for you. 3. This is so easy for me, I finish it within 40 mins and don't sweat at all - who told you that the time spent in the gym is directly proportional to muscle gain Or sweating leads to fat loss? It doesn't matter how much time you have spent, it depends on how you spent it. If your routine demands 8 exercises with 3 sets of 12 reps each and you finished it in 40 mins, it's a good thing. Pack your bags, go home and rest. What matters is your form and the weight that you lifted during that time period. If you cheated there, then definitely those "40 mins only" is a matter of concern. And about sweating, please stop thinking that "Sweat is Fat Crying" 🙏 Why do you think its an issue? Why can't you change your workout frequently? The end goal is to lift weights and you are doing that even if you are changing your workout frequently. So where is the gap? You started lifting weights recently. First of all your form is not correct in the majority of the workouts and your body also is not used to lift weights. So obviously there is some resistance when you start initially. You gave your 10-14 days to some particular routine, learned the form, came out of your comfort zone and have started lifting 2.5 kgs dumbbells. Suppose you are doing a biceps curl with this much weight. Is it a sign of very optimum strength? No, right. Now suppose next week you changed the workout routine and incorporated a new set of exercises. Do you know the correct form of these workouts? No, and finally you spent another week in learning the form and then started lifting again with lighter weights because you couldn't focus on strength gain this week. The entire focus was on learning the new workout schedule. You did the same thing for the next 2-3 months, kept on changing your schedule and learned new exercises every week. 3-4 months have passed and now you can easily do a biceps curl with 5 kgs dumbbells. Now ask yourself that is it good progress? In my opinion, absolutely NO. If you would have been following the same workout schedule for last 4 months even with small tweaks here and there, you might be lifting 10 or maybe 12.5 kgs dumbbells by now. Your progress in terms of your muscle growth could have been much better compared to what it is now. Every time you change the schedule, you fall back to square one and start from Zero again. I would like to give my own example. People who know me from sometime have seen the kind of workout schedule I follow. I am not a pro lifter but on my 30th Birthday, I had set a goal for myself that I will deadlift with double the weight that I have i.e. 66 kgs. Obviously, 132 kg lift is a warm-up for the majority, but for me, it's a huge number. To achieve this number, I worked out for 4 months. I followed a particular pattern of workouts that helped me in reaching here. I started lifting with 70 kgs only in initial days. I took help from a friend who is a professional lifter, I followed a routine shared by him - No Questions Asked, worked on my form and focussed on progressive overloading and finally hit the target that I was working for. If I would have changed the workout frequently like many, definitely I was going to fail and that too miserably. No amateur lifter can reach from 70 to 132 kgs in 2 weeks training. It takes some time but its totally worth it. Don't look for shortcuts, the goal you have set for yourself demands your utmost attention, time and patience. Just work in the right direction because, Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

Bhavana Pujar

thank you for sharing. I sweat a lot. I take shower thrice a day because of sweat. what will be the reason?

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