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Sharma Ji is inspired by a "Self Help Book" that said "Accept it, the way you are" and thus decided to cancel his gym subscription 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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How many of you have actually heard this statement?

Has anyone told you, "you got one life, live it king size"? Do you discuss your health issues in public? Do you talk about your dietary habits to your peers? Do you think it's embarrassing to accept this in public that you are on a diet? Let me start this time with an example which might be relatable to many, Suppose you are a 35-year-old Dad or a Mother of a 10-year-old Kid. You weight 85 kgs with borderline diabetics and cholesterol. Your daily routine is 9 to 6 Job and very minimal physical activity and an occasional drinker. You have accepted it as a fact that this is your permanent lifestyle and you don't want any change because as they said, "Accept it the way you are". Now for every Kid, their mom and dad are their superheroes. They obviously look up to their parents and try to copy and paste their style and their habits. Now Imagine your kid as a couch potato, doing 9 to 6 redundant job and have habits exactly like yours. That kid was an athlete once but can't climb up the stairs to his office now. Doctors have asked him to reduce his weight to control his borderline cholesterol; exactly the same way doctor advised you decades ago. Now is this ACCEPTABLE to you? "Accept it the way he is" Obviously, you know the answer. It is very easy to say this but look at the long term consequences of it. This is just one example but imagine the issues that will affect your health in the long term. Being healthy is not about making six-pack abs or bulky muscles, being fit is about your mental health as well. Accept it or not, mental health is directly proportional to your eating habits. Right kind of nutrition definitely keeps you active and relieves your stress. The most common issue I see is that we consider "Diet Topic" as a taboo. We refrain from discussing this in public or don't want to tell peers that we are on healthy eating habits. Reason being, people around may judge us as weak and fragile and may mock us for eating quantified rice and dal. So to avoid any embarrassment we decide to leave it once and for all and "Accept it the way it is". But do these people know that I am conscious about how I look or they know that I have hypothyroidism and eating right nutrition will help me with a better lifestyle in future? It doesn't and it shouldn't matter what the people around think about you. I completely agree with this that "Accept your true self" but make sure you don't go into the phase of denial and stop accepting some of the crucial facts about yourself. Your high Body Fat%, your cholesterol, your diabetes, your osteoarthritis, your back pain, your weak muscles - everything is a fact and accept it. If you will adopt a healthy lifestyle, it won't change anything for your next-door neighbour but it will definitely change a lot many things for your old age and for your family. I grew up looking at my dad doing push-ups and pull-ups every morning without any fail. We used to have an iron rod fixed in one of the rooms, especially for Pull-ups. It was always so fascinating for me, how he manages that and he must be very strong. When I started working out and managed to do my first pull-up, it was a sense of achievement for me. I am fortunate enough that he didn't accept it the way he was otherwise I might not be here today, writing this article on fit lifestyle. I am not saying that listen to me and adapt a healthy living BUT do listen to your inner self once before you get to the conclusion that everything is going in the right direction. You don't live to prove anything to others, you live for yourself. Then why not make this journey beautiful? I might sound wrong to many but I know one thing for sure that's it Ok to live a life that others don't understand. Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

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