Utsav Agrawal

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Should you buy a fitness band/watch?

As the fitness industry is growing, there is a lot of tech and even non-tech companies coming up with fitness tracker watches, is it a good idea to invest in it?

Let's dig into it 1. They can be useful in tracking your sleep pattern and monitoring the heartbeat on a regular basis. Practically it might not be useful on day to day basis but a cool feature to have 2. Steps counts can give you a rough idea of your daily movements and with better technology, they are getting more accurate but still far from absolute perfection. Once you get the reference range you can work on that and improve. 3. They are expensive (few exceptions) and look good( some of them) but of course, won't make you lose weight themselves, so don't expect any magic to happen. 4. They do show time, date, etc and some of them have an inbuilt alarm and even water reminders also. So yeah, some more features. 5. Most of the fitness trackers, overestimate calorie expenditure by a huge margin, so if you are getting it only for the purpose of calorie expenditure tracking then you will be disappointed with this purchase Considering the above factors, if you want to buy a fitness tracker watch then go-ahead for some it can be a good investment but remember its not must-have fitness equipment. References - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5920198/

Maninder Kaur

Smartwatches or fitness bands are good to track and provide data. But they cant make you fit. What one does with that information decides the results. Just like any other diagnostic tests. I think that's all they are, diagnostic tools at max.

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