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SharmaJi prefers lifting weights in the Gym but asks his Mother and Sister to do Cardio or lift small Pink Dumbells 🧐🧐

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- Weightlifting makes Females muscular and bulky

- Females who lift look like men - Women shouldn't lift weights - Females should lose weight by doing Cardio - Resistance training leads to joint pain - Females should lift light weights and do more no of reps How many of you have heard these statements? Are these relatable? Or I must ask, how many of you have used these statements for female lifters? This is still one of the most common myths in the fitness industry. Not only males but females also think that they will get huge and bulky like men after lifting weights. Every other day I answer the same question, "I don't want to look muscular, I just want to tone a little". On one side we have a group who is doing Cardio day in and day out; losing weight, losing fat and losing muscle whereas on the other side we have a bunch of strong females who are lifting weights and crushing their Fat and Medical Issues like a Pro. Do you know why its not possible for Females to turn into a Hulk? TESTOSTERONE - one of the major reason people think that leads to more muscle mass in males than females. Testosterone and human growth hormone are the two major hormones responsible for building muscle. Both males and females have it but males have way more testosterone compared to their female counterparts. Until the age of puberty (the time period when a kid is transformed into an adult), both the sexes have same T-levels. It's after the puberty only that the hormonal profile changes for both the gender. So does testosterone helps with more muscle mass or not? Scientifically it doesn't. If males have testosterone to induce muscle protein synthesis and muscle repair, females have estrogen to do the same job. Moreover, women produces 3 times more growth hormones than men that aids with strength and muscle mass. So testosterone as a hormone has little role to play. So where is the difference then? The difference is in the starting point. Males have an initial edge of more muscle mass and strength compared to females. Also, there is a genetic difference between both the sexes. Females have a genetically high body fat percentage i.e 12%, which is essential to regulate their hormones and metabolism compared to 3% in males. But down the line, if we will see, the relative increase in Muscle mass for both the sexes is the same. The muscle hypertrophy in males is more comparatively, but the difference is so minuscule to come to a conclusion that they are more superior in terms of strength and muscle gain. "Let's say a woman at 25kgs and a man at 40kgs skeletal muscle start lifting, and both gain 1% of that weight every month, then after 5 Months, the woman will have gained 1.25kgs whereas the man will have gained 2kgs after 5months of hard work." (NOTE - Here the entire discussion is about natural lifters and not about the individuals who take anabolic steroids) So how does resistance training actually helps you? 1. Increased strength and lean muscle mass 2. Increased fat loss because strength training induces muscle protein synthesis and muscle repair which is an energy-demanding process and thus leads to calorie burn 3. Increased bone density. So instead of increasing your joint pains, it actually helps in relieving your pain and thus prevents osteoporosis as well Let me share one story with you. Most of you already know Lalitha Lakshman, she is already an inspiration to many and has been helping out people from years to get fit. But do you know how she started her journey? She was an architect who adapted fit lifestyle in the initial days of her journey to lose weight (like many). Be it a hectic schedule or work stress, she never missed her 5 days routine. That lifestyle which was a need once, became her passion and she has already spent half a decade lifting weights now and trust me, she is not in a mood to stop. The journey from being an architect to a full-time fitness coach has made her what she is today, a motivation for many female lifters. Do you think she remains so Fit by eating less or lifting light weights in the gym? 🙂 Her current calorie intake is 2700, way more than your next-door guy who asks you not to lift the weight and if I have to talk about her PR for major lifts, Deadlift - 115 Kgs Bench Press - 75 kgs Instead of pink dumbells, imagine her with pink plates doing 115kgs deadlift. She is just one amazing person I talked about but there are many others who have accepted the importance of weight training and saw outstanding results. (It will be great if few of you can share your stories, you never know whom it will inspire 🙂) A fit lifestyle is like a Journey. Either make it boring by running on a treadmill for hours or make it interesting by lifting weights and breaking your PR every day. The choice is yours, because Every Decision Matters!! Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

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